Venice Photo Shooting

Bride of the Sea


Photo Shooting in the "Bride of the Sea"

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world! Just imagine - big and small water channels with boats and gondolas, narrow streets, picturesque bridges....It's the best place for the honeymoons, proposals, elopements and engagements. There are no cars, only sound of the water and seagulls. Each corner of Venice is beautiful and unique. Enjoy exploring the city with our professional photographer.

Special locations.  Our professional photographer will guide you to the most interesting places of this incredible city. Just to give you some examples: The Grand Canal, The St. Mark's Square that is full of ancient famous backgrounds,  The "Sospiri" Bridge, The Rialto Bridge, The Accademia Bridge with amazing view, Basilica Santa Maria della Salute and a lot of authentic places of the city that you could never find alone.

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