About us

A Dream Team for your Dreams Moments

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to help you to achieve your best photographic experience all around the world. 

 We think that your special moments need special professionists to keep your memories forever, and in high quality! Shareable with your friends, and people that are important for you.

Our commitment is your satisfaction.


History and meaning of our logo

Our logo is built from a spiral, a particular geometric curve that gradually evolve from the center of a circle to the outside  world

With a specific evolution step our spiral creates patterns that recall the camera lens reflection effects .

By the way, the spiral nearly converges to an outline of a circle, symbolizing the lens itself, and the world

The variation of the evolution give a sense of motion, increased by the color gradient and the opposition of plenty and empty spaces. 

So, travel. Empty and plenty, finally merge their selves together, so conjunction. Hug. Emotion

The final hug between plenty and empty recall the yin and yang symbol, so balance and harmony

So that is our logo: evolution, expansion, motion, emotion, harmony. A world inside a lens, decomposed in multiple reflexes.

Dreams Moments Team 

Our Team